Looking at the Emotional Roller Coaster That Was This Week’s Raw

I’m not sure what was in the water in Greenville, South Carolina, but there was definitely something new going on last night On Monday Night Raw. It was one of the most emotionally charged episodes that WWE has produced in quite sometime. Hopefully, this trend will continue in future episodes as they makes first very interesting television. Anger. Redemption. Frustration. Sadness. The three-hour broadcast seemed to run through every one of these emotions in one way or another.

The proceedings kicked off on the preshow as a disgruntled Damien Sandow proceeded to drop his own pipe bomb on the panel. I know WWE wanted to make more events happen on the network pre-and post shows and to their credit it worked. It caught me off guard making me look up from what I was doing to check out the segment. It really kicked off the night as a whole.

The broadcast proper kicked off with The Shield seething in the ring. There promo was passionate and full of anger from the beatings of Evolution. The Hounds of Justice made the statement that they would attack Triple H and company as soon as they arrived and they delivered on their promise. That’s the sign of strong baby faces, men who really do what they say. It was very reminiscent of the old days in Greenville. The Shield didn’t waste any time with pomp and circumstance. They took the fight to their adversaries with no remorse. And they would do that again later in the evening. It really made them look like the guerrilla mercenaries that appeared in November 2012. That they would do anything to take out the target on the chosen few. Great stuff here. Cannot wait for their match at Payback. That crowd in Chicago should make the contest all the more memorable.

Another emotional scene, was that of Alicia Fox. The always smiling fashionista diva showed a different side to her personality on Monday. After losing to Divas champion Paige, she let loose on the ringside area even spraying the audience with some Mountain Dew Kickstart. We don’t see this much from the female side of the roster. So it should be interesting to see where this goes. Hell, even as cheesy as it was. They Incorporated a personal situation into the Natalya Nikki Bella match later on in the night. Although I don’t understand scorecard thing from the other divas.

Keeping on the emotional roller coaster, what a long strange trip it’s been for Daniel Bryan. Winning the title a few weeks ago New Orleans, then losing his father and now a few weeks later having neck surgery. Hopefully will be up to long. But I imagine they don’t know how bad the damage is as of yet. And won’t know until they actually go in and take a look.

I thought WWE handled that situation pretty well. Don’t think I would’ve mentioned the A+ player thing but that’s just me. It looks like were going to get some kind of interaction between Stephanie and Brie Bella in the future. And where does Kane fit into the mix? Hopefully, when Brian does return this can be a reset button of sorts and WWE can get him on the right track. Nothing but the best for Daniel Bryan going forward. One can only hope.

There was some stuff that was a little suspect on the episode. And while I did not like the matches themselves, I like the aggression shown by guys like Sheamus and Ryback and Curtis Axel as well as Dolph Ziggler versus Fandango everyone seemingly turned it up a few notches right before this week’s European tour.

I really enjoy the slow burn of Cody going to the Darkside. They really presented that well. I’m still not sure where, Damien Sandow is going, but I am intrigued to find out.

Glad to see Rusev go up the competition, not sure what that says about the future of Big E though. The Bulgarian Brute needed an upgrade in difficulty and it’ll be interesting to see what these two big men can put together in Chicago next month.

Bray Wyatt continues to impress me with his promos each and every week. Last night was probably his best one yet. They set up a last man standing match beautifully. I hope however that they have the leader of the family do this one on his own. In my opinion you really need to show he is credible as a singles competitor. Doing too much shenanigans with Harper and Rowan only makes them weaker in the eyes of some fans. He is more dangerous if he is seen as someone who doesn’t need his family, but chooses to use them when he wants.

All in all, I thought this was a very good episode of Raw. There was very little lag in the show. It didn’t feel like it stalled as it usually does. If you haven’t gone back and watched this weeks episode and have it on your DVR, watch it. Emotions are running high in WWE and that makes for good television. Will this trend continue going into Payback?

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Paul Jordan is the Managing Editor of TWRNetwork.com and works tirelessly every day using his way with words and plenty of puns to inform, entertain and intrigue to keep you engaged in the world of wrestling

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Paul Jordan is the Managing Editor of TWRNetwork.com and works tirelessly every day using his way with words and plenty of puns to inform, entertain and intrigue to keep you engaged in the world of wrestling

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