Thoughts on Wrestlemania, Why Breaking the Streak Is Cool With Me And Why The Future Is So Bright for WWE


What a Wrestlemania that was! 10 years ago, WWE said Madison Square Garden was where it all began again but I think that was more true in New Orleans. They definitely proved that it’s a new age in the company. Not only did The Network showcased The Immortals in new and amazing ways. But the booking really complemented a brighter future going forward for the company.

In my opinion, this with the strongest booked Wrestlemania since 2001s Wrestlemania X7. Everything felt right… From the preshow to the main event, the booking was solid treating everybody in pivotal roles that mean something . This was definitely the night where the next generation was put over and a real passing of the torch was given.

Antonio Cesaro finally got his just due getting out of the limelight of the Real Americans and given not only the nod with the Andre the Giant Trophy but the acknowledgment from Big Show that he is the next big star on the rise in the company. Shows a strong mid-card is in our future. It will be interesting to see what the interaction will be with Colter going forward.

The Shield definitely showed their symbol of excellence making short work of the old guard. It really establishes them as a strong united front going forward. The guys get their moment. But given that they’ve vanquished their common enemy will past problems rear their head in the future? Or will they continue to be the effective front in the pursuit of justice? Only time will tell, I like The Shield as a force of good against the Authority, I can see great combinations going forward. Especially if they come up against a reunited Evolution in the future.

I questioned the WWE for not putting Bray Wyatt over John Cena but I understand why they didn’t. There seems to be much more going one would with his feud. And even it in a loss, Bray still looked strong. He took everything John Cena had offer and did it with a perverted smile. This match was definitely more psychological than it was physical. But that works and can carry into Extreme Rules next month.

The Daniel Bryan stuff was great. Hunter and Stephanie definitely did all was best for business. Between the opening match with Triple H and the final match, they built everything perfectly for the great ending that the leader of The Yes Movement on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

No doubt, the most controversial story of the night was Brock Lesnar ending the Undertaker’s 21 year streak at Wrestlemania. I’m sure that everyone has their opinion on whether this was a good move or not. I personally think that sometimes you have to create the level of unpredictability. That’s what made the Attitude Era so much fun is you never know what’ll happen. I understand why fans wanted streak to live forever. But this gives the WWE a reboot in a sense back to the days where anything can happen in the company. It also added to the Daniel Bryan story creating doubt on whether they would get their happy ending. I thought was very well done and a moment that will live forever. And it opens up the possibilities of Taker retirement and Hall of Fame induction.

In reflecting this morning, WWE did a fantastic job with not living in nostalgia like past Wrestlemanias. They respected the past, but remembered the future and hopefully this is the first step in a brand-new era for the WWE. We will find out tonight on Raw whether the trend continues.

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Paul Jordan is the Managing Editor of and works tirelessly every day using his way with words and plenty of puns to inform, entertain and intrigue to keep you engaged in the world of wrestling

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Paul Jordan is the Managing Editor of and works tirelessly every day using his way with words and plenty of puns to inform, entertain and intrigue to keep you engaged in the world of wrestling

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